In addition to integration with out-of-the-box software, EPMI is capable of developing custom applications. Many of our consultants previously worked in software development and are uniquely skilled to implement customizable software solutions. EPMI actively maintains several initiatives, as well as encourages its consultants to contribute to open source project (HFM-CMD).


The service controller is designed to aid in the startup and shutdown of Windows and Linux services in distributed and clustered environments. While this tool was originally built with EPM in mind it was designed to work with XML templates. This allows the tool to be modified to work with any software technology that utilizes services on a single instance or distributed environment.


EPMI developed the Workspace Launcher as a way to simplify the execution of on-demand integrations with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). Utilizing the SOAP API for ODI this tool is able to execute ODI scenarios with parametrized variables and track the execution. The key benefit of this tool is the empowerment of end users to launch on-demand integrations while ensuring that parameters are sanitized and correctly passed.


Utilizing LCM and Windows PowerShell EPMI developed highly configurable script capable of backing up EPM components and data. Beyond standard backups the script also implements a retention policy and email notifications.