When it comes to managing information, the stakes are high. Missed opportunities, lost revenue, compliance problems, and reduced competitiveness can all be unintended consequences of mismanaging or ignoring organizational information assets. EPMI empowers your business to take command of planning processes. We have extensive experience tailoring planning products for numerous businesses across a wide variety of industries to accelerate your business ahead of the competition.


Information management is no longer a luxury – it is a legal and competitive necessity. In the face of increasing pressure from customers, regulators, and competitors, companies must be able to deliver information that is timely, accurate, and insightful. Anything less erodes investor confidence and hinders the company’s ability to compete. EPMI helps streamline the close and consolidation process by aligning business processes and technology; and deliver management and statutory reporting capabilities.


Data should be treated as a strategic asset of the company, and like any strategic asset it should be managed and maintained in a way that helps produce enhanced returns. EPMI provides the systems, tools, and techniques to unlock the value buried deep in a company’s data. We help organizations resolve data quality issues and produce timely, accurate, and consistent information.  This gives them the ability them make strategic decisions and manage the business effectively.


Our extensive product knowledge allows us to offer on-site client staff mentoring and training in addition to our product services. We can breakdown the processes and procedures for successfully administering an EPM system, jump-starting the process of training client staff to become self-sufficient EPM administrators.