Business processes are dynamic in nature and must adapt to ever-changing environments in order to stay competitive. Therefore, it is essential to not only know your data, but to understand your business process as well. Organizations should feel confident in trusting their Hyperion investment to deliver accurate and timely data to their users. The information provided from Oracle’s Hyperion solution should empower users to make accurate analysis and effective decisions. Training users on how to best utilize the robust tools present in Oracle’s Hyperion solution is paramount to getting the highest ROI from your investment. Simply put, powerful tools are not complete if training does not effectively instruct users on how to understand their own data. 

EPMI offers customized training to leverage the full potential of Oracle Hyperion investments by bridging the gap between user knowledge and powerful features.  Each training package is hand-crafted and tailored to meet the exclusive needs of your company. The customized training packages give users a guided perspective of their own data while safely navigating through exercises that highlight features for efficient application use. The ultimate goal is to offer best practices and features that will provide the meaningful insight and quality training that your company deserves.